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The Sophisticate

From its first appearance, The Sophisticate has been a "keeper" for devotees of Art Deco. The magazine features in-depth articles on many aspects of art, architechture and life in the 1920s and '30s, as well as chronicling ADSC events. The Erte-inspired covers and interior art are original works from Stephan, our resident artist. The Sophisticate began life as a slender quarterly, then became a magazine, as our newsletter, the Streamlined Times took on the role of more frequent communications. With rising publication and mailing costs, The Sophisticate is now a 50-page annual. Not a member? Join ADSC and be sure to get your copy. (If you live out of California, or are not able to join at present, you may order a copy for the stated price plus $3 s/h.) Back issues of The Sophisticate may be ordered from ADSC (details below).

The Streamlined Times Calendar

2009 is a big transition year for the ADSC. Our three times a year newsletter will be "streamlined" into a once a year wall calendar. The publication will be chock full of important dates that no retro swell would dare to miss and full of art deco images that you will be proud to nail to your wall.

Don't worry, the great stories and reports you've always loved from the newsletter will now be available on the web site.

We hope to have our premier issue in our member's hands at the end of 2009. Book now for advertising space!

Fashion Booklets

For more fashion and Gatsby guidance, order ADSC's charming and informative "How to Gatsby" and "Dressing Deco" booklets, available for $8 each or both for $15 (price includes postage).

Dressing Deco booklet

By Kimberly Manning Aker, Sara Klotz de Aguilar and Alice Jurow $8.00

By Kimberly Manning Aker and Sara Klotz de Aguilar $8.00

Or both for $15 (price includes postage).


Back Issues of the Sophisticate

Back issues can be ordered below. A $3:00 shipping charge will be added for one magazine. Multiple orders will have a reduced rate.

2008 Sophisticate

2008 Annual

Celebration of Spanish Colonial Revival Style


2007 Sophisticate

2007 Annual

Color cover by Stephan

  • Fonts
  • Fortune
  • Flappers and Femme Fatales
  • Preservation
  • Worldwide Deco
2006 Sophisticate

2006 Annual

  • Deco at home:
  • Taisho Chic
  • Vintage Kitchens
  • Deco Home Resources
  • Deco Cookbooks
  • Dressing Deco
  • Deco Cinema: Cerrito Theatre, Alameda Theater, Pflueger Drawings, Popcorn Palace Roundup, A "New" Garbo Film


2005 Annual SOLD OUT

2004 Sophisticate

2004 Annual

Color cover by Stephan

  • "Big Apple" theme
  • Art Deco New York
  • Preservation Views
  • Interview with Victoria de Lempicka,
  • Gettings Started with Vintage Dressing
Sophisticate - 2003

2003 Annual

Color cover by Stephan

  • Art Deco 1910-1939: The Exhibit of a lifetime
  • William Whitney Remembers LA's Sunset Strip
  • The Divine Diva Dressed by Erte - Stephan
  • Laurie Gordon on Preservation Documentaries
  • Randy Juster's Cape Town Portfolio
  • The Art of Catherine Abel: Interview
  • Mike Scott looks at cars of the Seabiscuit era
  • French Perfumes of the 1920s
  • Society Spotlight: Theresa LaQuey
Sophisticate - 2002

20th Anniversary Issue 2002

Color cover by Stephan

  • Uptown Oakland's Art Deco
  • Varieties of Deco: A Primer
  • William' Whitney's Hollywood Memoir
  • Michael Crowe Profile
  • Salute to Stephan
  • 20 Years of Preservation
  • Durant Automobiles Come Home

Sophisticate - 2001

Spring 2001

  • Glamorous Havana
  • The Cord: Art Deco Incarnate
  • Classic Hair Geometry: The Bob
  • Three Grand Dames of Couture
  • Art Deco Wallpapers

Sophisticate - Autumn 2000

Autumn 2000

  • Art Deco Aviation
  • Packard Super Clipper
  • Shoes, Pens Toys
  • Adventure
Sophisticate - 2000

Spring 2000

Cover by Stephan

  • The Art Deco Future in Films
  • Color in Deco Interiors
  • A Musical Memoir
  • Preservation
Sophisticate - Autumn 1999

Autumn 1999

  • Art of the Nemkoffs
  • Edgar Brandt
  • Amazing Toasters
  • Small Deco Houses
Sophisticate - Spring 1999

Spring 1999

  • Deco Postage Stamps
  • The Coast Daylight
  • Mesh Bags
  • F. L. Wright's Bridge
Sophisticate - Autumn 1998

Autumn 1998

  • Mac Harshberger's Circle
  • Firbe-Optic Lighting
  • Design and the GGIE
  • Vintage Fiction
Sophisticate - Spring 1998

Spring 1998

  • Mexican Silver
  • Asmara's Deco Secrets
  • Deco in the Movies
  • Sheet Music Treasures
Sophisticate - 1997

Autumn 1997

Cover by Stephan

  • Art Deco Neon
  • Deco Dandyhood
  • Streamlined Trains
  • Carriers of the Torch
Sophisticate - 1996

Autumn 1996

Cover by Stephan

  • Tamara de Lempicka
  • Green Hornet's "Black Beauty"
  • Victrolas & Viva-Tonals
  • Dressing for Time-Travel



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